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Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking

Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking

Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking    Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking

1 Outdoor Camera & 1 Indoor Monitor. It will add security and peace of mind to your house.

It has nice appearance and excellent performance. About the outdoor unit, a.

Lets you see clearly who is at the door, built-in. Enhance the night view, the. Cast-iron aluminum alloy and rainproof cover. Provide a good protection for it. Gives you great view, black color acrylic panel makes it look more fashionable. Besides, it is a wired system, the installation is not difficult, both of the outdoor unit and indoor unit have plug-and-play connector. It is a great system for home intercom and security. Dual-way Intercom, Indoor Monitoring, Indoor Unlocking, Night Vision, Mute Mode and Keyfobs Unlocking. 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit. For 2 outdoor unit kit, you need a multi door controller; for 5 or 6 indoor units kit, you need a multi monitor amplifer. Door answering, indoor monitoring and Unlocking. Adjustable Color, Brightness and Ringtone Volume. Fashionable Apperance and Outstanding Video&Audio Performance.

The outdoor unit has aluminum alloy panel and rainproof cover for better protection, which is suitable for outside mounting. The indoor unit has good shape, black color and PMMA panel also makes it look more elegant. Stable microphone and speaker provide better Video&Audio performance. Handsfree Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring. When a visitor ring the bell, the monitor will be activated and show the image outside, then you can see and hear outside.

Press the answer button, then you can talk to outside, press the answer button again to turn it off. If you do not press the button after conversation is finished.

If no one answer the call, the monitor will turn off automatically after 60s. It supports monitoring feature, press the monitoring button, you can see and hear outside situation.

Led Lights for Night-vision, allows you to see color image at night. The outdoor unit embeds in 5 led lights, the lights will turn on once camera is activated (someone presses the call button or presses the monitor button).

This feature allows you can still see color image (Not Black&White) at night. It is a brilliant design. Compatible with Electrical lock and Indoor&Outdoor Unlock, keep house safer. With this function, you don't need go to the door to open door for your guest, you just need to press unlock button on monitor.

Besides, the outdoor unit embeds in RFID card reader, which supports unlocking by the keyfobs. It also works as an access system. This will bring great convenience for you and your family members. 5 High Power Led Lights provide wonderful night vision for this system.

It allows you to see color image at night. The monitor can be set to mute mode.

In this mode, if someone presses the call button, the monitor will turn on and show image, but not ring. This will avoid you get disturbed when you are sleeping. Cast-iron Aluminum Alloy panel and rainproof cover provide a better protection for the outdoor unit. We provide cable connectors in the package, you need use 4 core & 5 core cables to do the connection. Please refer to below wiring.

The outdoor unit needs an extra 12v-15v power to power the card reader, you can connect as above photo or use another power supply. If you use NO lock, you can connect it to outdoor unit directly without extra power supply. But for an NC strike lock or magnetic lock, you need to add an extra 12V power supply module.

When a visitor press the Call button, the monitor will ring and show the video outside. Then you can press the Answering button to talk to the outside, press it again to end the conversation.

You can also press the button twice directly to end it if you don't want to answer or let it turn off automatically after 60s. In stanby mode, press the Monitoring button, the monitor will show the image outside, then you can see what is going on outside, the monitoring time will last for 30s. When someone press the Call button, you can press the Unlocking button to open the door for your guest. (When you use the electrical lock with it).

Press the Monitoring button to active the monitor, then press Ringtone Adjust to change the ringtone. How to change ringtone Volume. Press the Monitoring button to active the monitor, then long press Ringtone Adjust for 5s, then the ringtone volume will be changed.

Long press the button again, the volume will be changed to other mode. (There are 3 modes: High, medium, low). How to set Mute mode.

Press the Monitoring button to active the monitor first, then long press the Mute Button for 5 seconds, after that the monitor will be set to silent mode. Long press the button for 5s to set it back to normal mode.

It is not only a intercom system, but also a home security system. We provide more options for the outdoor and indoor unit. Q: Can I use cat5/cat5e/cat6 cable to do the connection? A: Yes, you can use these network cable. But, the total length cannot exceed 30m. Q: Is the outdoor unit waterproof? A: The outdoor unit is not waterproof, it is rainproof.

You can mount it outside, but we suggest you mount a cover on it for protection. Q: What is the max distance this system supports? A: We suggest you use it within 100m.

Q: Can I add more cameras or monitors? A: You can use max 2 outdoor units and 6 indoor monitors in one system. Q: Can I connect two locks to this kit? A: Yes, it can work with two locks. But you need use the 12V power supply module. Q: Can I add more keyfobs? A: The package contains 2 user keyfobs, you can add max 500 keyfobs. Provide 15m 4 Core testing cable.

Cable Requirements: (Camera-to-monitor uses 4 core cable, Monitor-to-monitor uses 5 core cable) 0m = Length. In case of the damage during transportation, we place a protective film on the screen. You can tear it down if you don't like it.

Please install the products according to this instruction manual to avoid of damaging the products. Please do bench test this system before installing it. Your satisfaction is our top priority so all of our products are guaranteed to arrive safely. We are the leading B2C retailer with thousands of customers. We can provide professional support for our customers.

Whether you want to know which kit is best for you or have a technical question, our team is here to help. 5 Leds for night vision.

165mm(L) x 95mm(W) x 60mm(H). Less than 10W, standby less than 0.5W. 240mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 23mm(H). Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, East Asia. South America, Other Countries/ Regions.

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  • Brand: Generic
  • MPN: 10050400114100600
  • UPC: 190080050405
  • Type: Video Door Intercom
  • Features: Video & Audio Intercom, Intra-Monitor Intercom, Monitoring, Night Vision, Unlock, RFID Access
  • Surveillance Technology: Analog
  • Connectivity: Monitor-To-Camera: 4 Core, Intra-Monitor: 5 Core
  • Model: 1*XC001 and 1*XM702-B
  • Maximum Resolution: 800×480
  • Power: DC15V/1.2A
  • Color Mode: Color
  • Compatible With: DC12V Electric Locks and WIFI Box
  • Screen Size: 7 inches
  • Voltage: 110-220V

Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking    Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Rainproof Camera RFID Unlocking